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Beaver Control and Dam Removal

The Beaver, largest member of the rodent family in North America, was once nearly eliminated from our creeks and rivers. Although their numbers are still limited in the North, their populations have rebounded (some would say exploded) in many of the coastal plain states of the South. In fact, they have become so numerous and troublesome that some states consider them "nuisance" animals (as is the Coyote), and they may be "taken" at any time.
Beaver Control and Dam Removal, Bottomland Hardwood
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The bottomlands of the coastal plain are level to nearly level and many of the streams have been channelized. Consequently, one small beaver dam can flood a disproportionate number of acres. It is this flooding of valuable cropland and timberland that causes the most damage and the reason to consider beaver control.

How valuable? Well, an "average" acre of bottomland timber may be worth $1300 (2014$'s), or more (please realize there is no "average" acre and every tract is different).

When we contract with a landowner to perform beaver control the emphasis is on reducing and stabilizing the beaver population. We do not waste time, or the owner's money, targeting other furbearers (unless requested to do so). Dams are removed manually with hand tools, or with explosives, or with a track-hoe. The method chosen for dam removal is dependent upon several factors, i.e., the age and size of the dam, the size of material in the dam, and access.

Every living creature has the right to live (even ticks and mosquitoes, which I personally feed every summer!).
Our goal is, therefore, not to eliminate the beaver population but to reduce and stabilize their numbers at acceptable levels and return the water to the creek channel.

We will be glad to assess the problem at NO COST. The actual cost of control measures or other options can then be determined and the landowner can make an informed decision.

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