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Pine Thinning

The objective of pine thinning is to reduce stand density, and concentrate the annual growth on fewer stems and better quality stems. This yields a higher value product in a shorter amount of time. Currently, the "higher value" product is sawtimber with a diameter-at-breast-height (dbh)(4.5 feet above ground) of approximately (~) 16 inches.  In the future, this more valuable size might be reduced as more engineered wood products enter the marketplace.  Which is beginning to occur, especially in east Tennessee and Virginia.

The first pine thinning can occur when a stand reaches the age of ~13 to ~17 years, depending on the site. This is usually a "mechanical" thinning, meaning that rows or strips are cut through the pine plantation allowing access for the equipment. Then the small, poor quality, suppressed trees can be removed from between the rows or strips. Codominant crown class trees are cut only to reach the desired residual basal area, which can range from ~70 to ~100 square feet per acre. Care should be taken during logging to minimize damage to the remaining, potential "crop" trees.

A second thinning can occur 5 to 10 years later. We recommend that this cutting be marked by a professional forestry consultant.  They are standing on-the-ground and looking at each individual tree, which allows them to control the size and quality of the final crop trees. It also allows the logging contractor to be more efficient. Marking costs range from ~$40 to $50 per acre (2014$'s), but this "cost" is recouped in 5 to 8 years by the increased value of the timber.

Income from a pine thinning will, obviously, vary. It can range from: ~$100 per acre for a first thinning on poor soils, in steep terrain, and 120 miles from the mill; to ~$300 per acre for a second thinning on good terrain and soils, and 20 miles from the consuming mill.

Contact us or call Tom at 662 837-0381, and we will be glad to look at the tract, at NO COST to the owner, and determine the best alternatives for each individual stand.
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Pine Thinning