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Forest Management

Forest Management is defined as - the application of business methods and technical forestry principles to the operation of a forest property.

In practice, a landowner communicates the goals and objectives they wish to achieve from the property, and their forester prepares a proposal. This proposal outlines the current condition of the forest stands and the options available to reach the desired objectives. It will include information on the costs, income, and expected rates of return from performing the various silvicultural activities recommended.

A couple of questions might come to mind: 1) "Why bother to manage the forest?" and 2) "Don't the trees continue to grow whether we do anything or not?"

Why manage? Following are a few good reasons.

 - Not wanting to sound patronizing, but "they're not making any more land". As population and demand grows the only way to increase supply is to increase the health and productivity of our current timberland.

 - Future increases in stumpage prices are expected to be anemic, with one bright spot being hardwood sawtimber. Pine prices will rise slowly, but probably will not reach pre-"great" recession levels until ~2020. Therefore, the best way to increase the return on the forestry investment is to improve species composition and tree growth.

 - Active management does work. Consider that average annual growth on forest industry land is ~115 cubic feet per acre per year, while on nonindustrial private forest (NIPF) land the growth is just 85 cubic feet per acre per year. This translates as a "loss" to the NIPF owner of~$15 to ~$30 per acre per year. The cost of a Management Plan ranges from $2 to $5 per acre (go figure).

 - Oak species (in TN and VA and the region) are decreasing in relative stocking compared to other species. Bottomland oaks in west TN are decreasing in relative stocking at the rate of 0.8 to 1.8 percent per year. They need our help!

Don't the trees keep growing anyway?

Yes, thankfully, they do continue to grow no matter what we do. And, even a decision to do nothing is still a decision. However, we would like to strongly advocate for our woodlands, and ask that the landowner get some good information and then make some good, informed decisions.

We can help. The initial consultation and "walk thru" on the property is FREE, just give us a call at 662 837-0381. Or email Tom. 
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