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Timber Marketing and Sales

A landowner, typically, sells timber only once or twice in their lifetime. They contact a few mills or loggers, wait for the various buyers to show up, then attempt to negotiate a price with someone who knows a lot more about timber and markets than they do. It gets even more complicated and difficult when one buyer is quoting prices "by-the-ton...cord...board foot..." and specifying different merchantability standards than other buyers.

When Timberland Associates is retained by a client to sell their timber, we put our 35 plus years experience to work for that landowner. Having both sold standing timber for a major forest products company (3 years) and bought standing timber for a large pine sawmill (12 years), we have a unique skill-set which enables us to capture the high end of the market and bring the landowner peace of mind and a larger net return.
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Timber Marketing and Sales
 This is accomplished by sending a prospectus to as many as 100 potential buyers and requesting sealed bids for the lump sum purchase of the timber offered for sale. This usually brings offers that are above "fair market value" because we are able to find the buyer(s) who is "under undue pressure" to purchase a tract of timber.

After the timber sale, we continue working. The harvesting operation is periodically inspected to ensure contract compliance with respect to log deck locations, road lay-out, and stream crossings (hopefully none are needed, but if they are, care should be taken in their construction). During these inspections we also check compliance with the Tennessee or Virginia Best Management Practices (BMP's) for forestry. Once cutting is complete, a final inspection is performed to check that the sale is properly "closed".

And we're still not done. Whether the area is re-planted
or  managed for natural regeneration, we provide the technical expertise and the supervision of any contractors to achieve the successful establishment of the next forest stand.

We take our fiduciary responsibility to the landowner very seriously and will be glad to answer any questions, furnish references, or supply additional information. Call Tom at 662 837-0381, or contact us.